Mood Tracking

I’m really not sure how many of you out there do this, but it is something which I am trying to convince myself would be better for my own sanity. To be reals though, I enjoy drawing and making it more than sticking with the coloring of it …
Attached to this post you will find an example mood tracker I made today. I made this so that it could be printed or copied, in order that I, or you, or a massive amount of people would benefit from this, multiple times if we so desire. I haven’t completely decided if this is something I want to do with kids, but think that the potential of a mood tracker, such as this, for an intervention is there.

Either way, the concept is simple – there are around 31 chunks on the bottom part of the pineapple, meaning the leaves are not included in the days of the month. At the start of the month, go ahead and number out your spaces, randomly or in an order if you so chose. Then, at the end of each day, color the number chunk corresponding with that date a color which is representative of your primary emotion from that day. I suggest making a key somewhere on the sheet and establishing these emotions/colors, and referencing back. Ideally, you could start collecting these, filing them in your planners, or posting them on your walls, and as the months go by, they would serve as a method of visually seeing your emotions. Long-term, I think it would be super interesting to see how our emotions change corresponding to seasons, busy times of the year, and just fluctuate in general. I will post a picture of my own as September starts coming around, but if you’re looking for immediate inspiration – check out Pinterest. These are all over the place!



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